New requirements at

A recent visit to Escambia County's Clerk of the Courts website threw up this warning explaining that "This Court Records application will not be available after June 30, 2017." There is also a link to a form for Existing Registered Users to fill out should they need access to the website going forward.

This is the result of some new legislation requiring more monitoring and testing of the systems protecting confidential records kept by the various counties in Florida. The general public (including landlords) need not both with this as the same access available today will be available after June 30th at this new website.

One of the new recommendations from the Florida Supreme Court is that "if documents are stored in searchable format they may be provided to the public in that format so long as automated search requests are not supported." One one to defeat automated search requests is by using Captcha which simply demands that a user prove he is human by solving a problem or typing in some text.

So far, there appears to be no need to register using a notarized copy of the county's form so long as the requirements from the website are public records. The form, according to Administrative Order AOSC16-14 from Florida's Supreme court is meant for agencies that require access to the court's confidential records.