Benefits of Joining the GCREIA


The Gulf Coast Real Estate Investors Association is here to help you, whether you are new, old, or a seasoned Real Estate Investor.

We are a non –profit organization. Our goal is to help you become more informed, to share our members knowledge with you, supply you with buyers deals and information, guide you through the laws and statues, mentor some of you, supply you with the best lending library in the South, and help you find your way as a real estate investor. We do not try to sell you any product or get you to invest with us or others on any piece of property.

All of our meetings are held on the 3rd. Tuesday of each month. We meet at the Golden Corral located @ 2260 Langley Ave in the back room on the left. We eat and socialize a little between 5:30 PM and 7:00 PM and the meeting begins promptly at 7:00 PM. Our dues are $50.00 per year for an individual and $75.00 per couple (+ $25.00 additional) for each person joining under the one membership. We do not have a meeting in December each year as that time is set aside for a special occasion dinner paid for by the club for the members. Each member receives a monthly emailed newsletter if an email address has been property given on your membership form.

If you have already purchased your first investment property you have already completed the first hard part, now you are 8-% of the way. You have already done a lot of things correctly. You now need a little more information and a lot more education to stay ahead of those people who seem determined to not only keep you from excelling but from even surviving. You will also need some great ideas to take you to the next level of successful property investment and management.

Some landlords have few, if any, problems with their rental property, while others seem to experience nightmares at every turn. The one quality the best landlords seem to have in common is that they stay on top of the rental business and real estate market laws by educating themselves. They know you cannot know too much.

We invite you to join our organization and should you be in need of further information please feel free to call on our membership chairperson/Treasurer/Newsletter publisher C. Faye Williamson at 850 456-6244.